Your preferred Logistics
and Supply Chain Partner

in Mauritius

As a proud member of the Santova Group,
ASM Logistics facilitates the seamless
movement of goods and cargo globally.


Introducing TradeNav, Santova’s in-house mobile app for enhanced Supply Chain management

Leveraging off the Santova Group’s intellectual capital, ASM Logistics is able to offer customers accurate, real-time supply chain data at their fingertips.

Santova Group’s Global Presence

Santova Office's Map

Competitive Pricing

Total landed costs management, increasing profit margins

Working closely with the Santova Group, ASM Logistics is able to consistently
secure competitive pricing, driven by technology, a centralized control tower,
substantial global shipping volumes, and strategic partnerships.

  • Technology enables a streamlined processes and eliminate unnecessary costs
  • Single global centralized control tower to all our Santova offices
  • Bulk shipping volumes enable us to negotiate favorable rates that translate into cost savings for our customers
  • Strong partnerships with leading shipping lines, airlines, logistics agents and partners

Client-Centric Service

A dedication to exceeding your expectations

From personalized solutions tailored to your unique needs to proactive communication and transparent processes, we prioritize our service delivery to our customers, making your logistics and freight forwarding journey as smooth and successful as possible.

Our team of professionals, cost effective service and flexible payment terms ensure that your profit margins are prioritized and your end-to-end supply chain needs taken care of, ensuring complete peace of mind.