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Logistics Solutions

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transport solutions via Sea and Air to and from Mauritius .

Ocean Freight

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custom and cost-effective sea freight solutions

Full Container Loads (FCL)

An FCL (Full Container Load) shipment involves goods owned by a single party, loaded and sealed at the warehouse or manufacturing facility, with payment based on the entire container’s capacity.

Less than Container Load (LCL)

An LCL (Less than Container Load) shipment optimizes container space by accommodating freight from multiple parties with distinct Bills of Lading, allowing for cost efficiency as customers are billed based on the actual weight and volume of space required.

Groupages and Consolidations

Consolidations entail merging smaller shipments from various nearby suppliers into a full container destined for a single consignee at one location, offering customers the advantage of lowered shipping costs.

Cross Trade Services

ASM collaborates with key logistics partners and our international offices to coordinate cross-trade freight services, facilitating direct shipment movement between two countries without transiting through the Mauritius. This leads to reduced freight rates, eliminates double handling costs, and optimizes transit times.

Specialised Services

Explore our specialized logistics services, including:

  • Warehousing and storage
  • Export Packing and Loading
  • Dangerous Goods (DG) handling
  • Breakbulk and project cargo
  • Roll-on roll-off (RORO) cargo
  • Specialised containers, including dry storage, reefer/refrigeration, flat rack and open top containers

Customs Clearance

We provide in-house customs clearing solutions to adhere to both local and international regulations, these include customs consulting, maintain a tariff heading library, and offer support with custom refunds and drawbacks.

Air Freight

Quick turnaround times for
for high-value shipments

Standard Air Freight

Our air cargo solutions, whether through direct or indirect routes, provide frequent and dependable services at competitive rates. Customers can take advantage of near-real-time tracking functionalities using our innovative supply chain management tool, TradeNav.

Consolidation Services

Our consolidation services on a weekly and/or bi-weekly schedule ensure we constantly deliver cost savings to customs. Contact our team at ASM Logistics for routes and rates.

Express / Time Sensitive Deliveries

We evaluate options like same-day collection and delivery (where available) and compare freight with courier services, to ensure we offer express services aligned to your cost and delivery specification

Aircraft Charter Services

Tailored for large or oversized goods, specific shipping schedules, and any other distinctive logistical needs, our Aircraft Charter Service service is available globally, ensuring adaptable solutions for your business to reach any destination worldwide.

Cross Trades

ASM Logistics collaborates with strategic logistics partners and our global offices to streamline cross-trade freight services, allowing shipments to move directly between two countries without the need to pass through the Mauritius. This approach not only reduces freight rates but also eliminates double handling costs and optimizes transit times for enhanced efficiency.

Specialised Services and Projects

  • On Board Courier (OBC)
  • Out of Gauge Cargo (OOG)
  • Aircraft on Ground (AOG)
  • Unit Load Device (ULD)
  • Fumigation (where required)
  • Handling and packaging of hazardous materials

Project and Specialist Cargo

Innovative transport solutions for
for out of gauge (OOG) shipments

Oversized and Out of Gauge (OOG) Cargo

ASM Loggistics provides specialized services for complex projects and OOG (Out of Gauge) cargo, involving comprehensive consolidation, planning, organization, control, and monitoring throughout the entire project lifecycle from origin to destination.

Roll-on / Roll-off (RORO) Vehicles

Our RORO services involve transporting wheeled cargo, such as vehicles, trucks, and machinery on and off specialized vessels equipped with ramps for efficient loading and unloading.

Open Top and Flat Rack Containers

ASM Logistics has access to a variety of containers with removable tops and sidewalls to accommodate cargo of varying heights, oversized or uniquely shaped cargo.

Temperature-controlled Transportation (Reefer Cargo)

We assist customers with refrigerated containers to maintain specific temperature conditions, ensuring the optimal transportation of perishable goods like fruits, vegetables, and other temperature-sensitive items.

Hiab Trucks, Winch Trucks, Flat Bed, Side Loaders and Heavy Haul Trucking

ASM Logistics assists in conscientious planning and execution to disassemble, load, lash, crane, flat-rack transport and reassemble diverse types of cargo requiring specific trucking transport requirements.

Recent Projects

Amongst other projects, the Santova Group has been involved in the transportation of:

  • Windmills, wind pumps and turbines
  • Specialist vehicles
  • Military vehicles and equipment
  • Rotorcraft and helicopters
  • Luxury cruise yachts
  • Drilling rigs and machinery