Leading in-house
customs clearing services

with ASM Logistics

ASM Logistics ensures that product coming into Mauritius
is cleared timeously and efficiently

Customs Brokerage

Reduce unnecessary delays with our efficient customs clearance services

Customs clearance procedures authorize and regulate the entry and exit of goods in a country. ASM Logistics understands these intricacies and variations in these specific regulations across different countries and commodities. Trust in our customs team to guide you, ensuring compliance and preventing penalties and delays when transporting cargo to or from the Mauritius.

Services included in our in-house customs brokerage services:

Customs and Excise Clearing

We manage the entire customs process of obtaining official approval, handling paperwork, and ensuring compliance with customs regulations and duties for the import or export of goods in Mauritius.

Tariff Heading & Rebate Management

We offer our customers accurate tariff classification of goods under specific tariff headings for customs purposes, ensuring compliance with international trade regulations.

Customs Consulting

ASM Logistics offers Customs Consulting to ensure seamless navigation through complex customs regulations for efficient and compliant import or export processes.

Flexible Payment Options

Where applicable, ASM Logistics provides customers with flexible payment options to assist optimize cash flow and payment processes

Stops and Detentions

Continuous communication and collaboration with the Customs and Excise Department in Mauritius for proactive management in the event of any cargo stops or detentions.

Customs Refunds and Duty Drawbacks

Where applicable, ASM Logistics is able to facilitate the process of custom refunds and drawbacks on specified materials that are imported into the Mauritius and then subsequently exported or destroyed.